State Bank of Pakistan 2021 Virtual Internship

Good news for Pakistani students as application is now open to apply for State Bank of Pakistan Virtual Internship 2021. Students from all over Pakistan can now become brand ambassadors through this advanced internship program. The best job seekers will be provided with 20,000 PKR jobs.

The internship program is provided by the State Bank of Pakistan and the National Institute of Banking and Finance. Their goal is to select students in 3 age groups. Going to school (9-12), teenagers (13-17) and teenagers (18-29) from all over Pakistan.

The purpose of this internship program is to deliver financial advice, such as money management and knowledge of financial situations. Further details on State Bank of Pakistan Virtual Internship are given below:

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State Bank of Pakistan Virtual Internship 2021 Description

• Program: Virtual Internship Program

• Gender: Male / Female

• Provided by State Bank of Pakistan and NIBAF

• Age groups: (9-12), (13-17) and (18-29)

Eligibility Criteria

Students in the above mentioned age groups can apply for this internship program. Applicants must be from a registered school, college, TVET or a recognized HEC university located in AJK or Pakistan.

Benefits of State Bank Internship Progr

Applicants will receive the following benefits if they apply for this internship program:

Students do not need prior experience, so they can apply for the experience

Applicants will be listed on the NFLPY website and social media platforms.

Applicants can attend NLFPY training events which will help them apply for other internships.

Depending on the performance, gold, platinum or silver certificates will be awarded.

The 20,000 PKR duty will depend on the applicant’s performance.

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