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About DABS:
Da Afghanistan Breshna Co. is a self-sustaining and independent company established in accordance with the Joint Stock Companies Act and Limited Liability of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Da Afghanistan Breshna Co.

The company was renamed Da Breshna Afghanistan on 4 May 2008 and replaced Da Afghanistan Breshna as a national electricity company.


Summary of the work:
Promotion of laboratory equipment and other oils related to thermal power plants

Duties and responsibilities:
1- Consider the principles and rules of occupational safety

2 – Arrangement of the laboratory matters of Tarakhel heating plant and heating plant in the northwest

3 -. Arrange, maintain and maintain good chemicals in laboratories. And computer machines available in the laboratory

4 – Analysis of fuel oil and other oils and water

5 – Take a sample of each tartan. .

6 – Record regular notes of laboratory results

7- The comparison of the specifications of the imported fuel with the chemical specifications required by the devices.

8- Return fuel and oil if it does not meet the required technical specifications of the devices.

9- The ability to program the measuring machine

10- Eliminate the communication problems between machines and computers

11- Study of chemical standards and tables

Work requirement:
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Chemical Technology with two years’ work experience in the relevant department


The internal employee of the business of Breshna must have the permission of the department concerned.


Know new procedures and practices for office use.
Use computer software to perform work such as offspring, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Understand and conclude oral and written instructions.

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