Dolphin Energy Jobs – 20+ Vacancies

Dolphin Energy Jobs – 20+ Vacancies

Being a recent graduate and obtaining employment in the administrative field is, for some, a fantasy that cannot be realized if you truly want to build a career in Qatar. However, there is no truth to this. Prepare yourself to start a career with Dolphin Energy Jobs. If you are serious about your Dubai employment career and apply for a Dolphin Energy job. You will go through a series of specialized examinations and receive a security clearance before you can start working there. Being a recent graduate, landing a job in the government sector is almost a dream for many people, and this is the truth. To submit an application for a job with Dolphin Energy Qatar.


Minimum Educational Requirements / Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.
  • IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control Level-4

Minimum Experience:

10 years of relevant experience as a Petroleum Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry with demonstrated Surveillance/Production Engineering expertise in carrying out well integrity in large oil and gas fields, including 3 years of experience in supervisory roles

List Of Vacancies: Dolphin Energy Jobs

  1. Catering Officer
  2. Head of Comp, Policy & Reporting
  3. Business Continuity Management Specialist 
  4. Well Services Engineer

Medical Care & Insurance, Salary & Benefits in Dolphin Energy Qatar Careers

  • airline and travel insurance
  • the best tax-free salary in the industry,
  • Tickets for annual leaves and returns

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