Some tips to have healthy body and brain

1. Regular physical activity.
The prime minister decided to prevent the patients from continuing to exercise. Exercise seniors create their own avantages connus Il showing that athletes have a better chance of being available. The names of the participants are people who have an opinion on the risk factors as well as the potential for dementia – a young Alzheimer’s.
We believe that this development is due to the proliferation of sanguin against the cerveau pendant l’exercice. This article is written against others on social media with people who have access to it, as opposed to other issues.
Adults play a 30-60 minute game plusieis fois per semaine. You can play, play, play tennis or any other physical activity that also expands your heart.
2) Beaucoup de sommeil.
3) Go to the Mediterranean government.
4) Soyez wise.
5) public participation.

Specific guidelines for a strong body and a healthy mind and freedom from disease
Today most people over the age of 30 complain of mental problems and weakness and various ailments such as weight gain, leg and back pain, loss of vision, headaches and semi-nausea and body weakness. And wrong and so on …
So if you want your body to be free from such problems and have a healthy mind and body, then follow the following recommendations.
1- Going to bed early at night
2- Tahajjud at night
3- Getting up early in the morning and praying
4: Drink four glasses of boiled water at noon
5: Walking up to one kilometer in the green in the morning
6: Have a good breakfast in the morning
7: Avoid using too many drugs
Eat more vegetables
8: Reduce food intake by night
9- Avoid drugs

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